Anonymous asked:
Do you remember nyantwat???

Why do I get so many questions like this? Unfortunately, I do, yes. Just like I remember every other person from my past now and again. Thankfully my life is 150x better than it was then, I’m in love and I’m happy. So can whoever this is stop bringing my past up cause I ain’t answering anymore like this. (I usually just delete them but I needed to be clear)

Anonymous asked:
How did you meet bryony and how did you meet louis?:)

Can’t remember how I met bryony I just met her in Brighton (I think) AaaaaaaaaAGes ago, we are the bestest :-) i got louis’ number over twitter or st as we chatted a lil and then we texted just as friends the odd text convo now and then, then one day we were just like hey the weathers gonna be great why dont we go to the beach? and so he came down to bournemouth and idk it was almost like love at first sight???? I was just like wow there’s something dif about this guy

Anonymous asked:
Where did you get your prom dress from last year? It's absolutely beautiful and you look amazing! 🙌 💕 😍

A local shop! thank you! i love it, want another excuse to wear it :(

Anonymous asked:
You look so different to how you did last year!! (In a good way, you always look great!)

I know!!!! (I know how different I look) Thank you :-) x

beach day🌞


not all those who wander are lost ☮.
this book is so cheerful and rather random i like it a lot